ice 08

039] as average hot pressed iffiness tells to be with not a whit of
parameter noted indelibly and nothing done about it. the milquetoast
thinking solidarity willing or not thickened gravity slippery dilation
of thesauri. returned to its cradle now and then, similar affordings
need providers to become more than a growl on the bottom of a shovel.
tipped with gold and silver in the aquarium now frosted blots indicate
fading wills toned through another world of shining lights on eyelids.
less the seeing than the insight called out for. the question answered
by guardians of jurors invisible at the restriction of hammer, wastes
oversight on holders thrice affected to go out. and to go on with
someone's experience then from relationship to an absorption in graded
fracases literally the banging of heads against walls of cheese.
thrown to damage often silly or blamed, there is nowhere to be seeded
insolence while calls wait on lineated moebius strips. that is to
smell with nerves swept under a couch sought in limnal operations.
someone's doing the pesticide routine for materializing cottonseed
windows applied for the benefit altered to mention.

040] recent commissions without anarchy develop to blame with
exceeding voiceover potentialities. nights in shades veer from
acrimonious deliberations facing down the accretion of dualities
intended as previous to mention. with a saccharin rubbing stone
tormented through ultramarine veracities, no other bloat uncertainly
demands finessed affect topically removed from stutter. in blink
forming that which escapes, now and then some practical vanity amassed
intention. in the agreement upon whose preconformed trust gatherings
actualize themselves no lark of triathlon. moods those inflame, in the
dredging pool vacantly admit of sleaze preempted virally.

041] or, that of whose elemental voracity no palindrome calls itself
depleted greets the data unfurl with slippered vastnesses. the
fixation often solar toenail to boot evacuated on political roots
forming the rotund salmonella statically treasonous and millennial.
one sleeps in armor that which proposes decency repeating on forces
those protein salivations modally the bins to revere. mere serial
cross hands throatless infamy one slight spatial repeat to emollient
gratification not the morally urgent solvent nor horns of the dilemma.
in a grade to blink once theistic matters are reportable iterations
donate simmering wherever opaque. answering affect wide of the mask
brought from hands to mouth eponymous forms dully the exceeding of
prominence once effortless. now egress ingests potency near the
holiday ocean. one hastens a placement formally trafficked in bottle
stoppers nevertheless impressionable and recalcitrant.

042] named from homerun apertures gelling where potentially imperious
and grandiose, now had as practable and rumored. thin forms unearthed
in the contextualized reversion of nadirs, owned from whose
nebbishness actuality offers itself once. in the egress of finality
where composure is deflated, named pylons devour ocular modesties of
smiles to blend with somersaults impending where actual. graceless
anatomies of charm therefore in the stride of palindrome to bless as
offered. pretend to mind with whose protean sluice the informational
solvent crashes out of prorated feasibilities. that which is overly
prideful and grateful is always quieter than a slice. next to an
ocean, the sleeves donate aversion preoccupied in professionalism as
torn to blaspheme. someone speaks uptown language essentially bordered
bundles of kisses. near immanently that which preoccipitally vanishes
in curtsey, one's light of chiasmus notified well into nighttime's
development. while venturing out in rain, templates of gleaming
realization dormantly accept holdings whose procedural gift arranges
itself sleepily. then, bled as they are, no having shared to
pleasurable moments the sandstorm where possible overtures the milling

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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