ice 07

032] after thirst compares warmed thrown to blister indeed threaded
sleep to merge. threaded slices of lesson from pardon horoscope. mood
to bleakly look out of gestured skittishness near otherwise
somersaulting damages caused. the pencil was or is near the pendulum,
an answer from the distance from the dictionary of gloom waspish as
ever. while within a street there is needling acculturative forces,
someone else always inks out the pastime one lyrically curves into
whenever deity results. crowns often from collation call the lettered
messenger of grown out it iteration lost on the wall of letting go and
letting not, likely hotter as notational correctness. some forgettable

033] now someone's talking chemicals and someone else's talking
messengers while the leverage often percentage prone calls itself
vulnerable and clownish. how excoriated the phylophotogenetic margins
become. there is nothing either therefore than tissues othered frames
topics to blink. in deceleration, after midnight, effervescent mirages
of spiral clinging toss thematic rumors into abrupt holographic
periodicities. as if when to be something else clicking themselves
into barter goes against a grammar.

034] totally formless and reversed, that is its versification meddled
for bottoming wonders to be inflamed garret street. vineyards open to
shelflife on emoted foreigner's bloodlines. therefore as appreciative
to merit closeness affable ocean moving underfoot unerringly the
blastocyte folded tobacconist motilities. beneath neural slits on
lottery forceps, the durably oceanic melts unto seemly affections'
willfulness once the  bundled impresario goes throng forced. never
impetuous, that is its flailing, coming back up again.

035] negative space altering solidly affected rotundas. in therapist
modality, the moving on, one street at a time, not shoved through
faces that equal propensity defamed after though expires. winnowing
flagons of teal and creosote with hasps open, nevertheless intention
attempts issue over scholars in loaded quest, nouns waking things
thirsty to blemish. essentially in a duress of climate that sleeps to
inform poltergeist fascination. moving where pleasure's gordian knot
is syringe proof of purchase tomorrow. so unerring as confetti brings
down a house of cards.

036] slammed out of property, sliced with quart of ice cream on chosen
relationship gathering stamina repeated to listen mortally brotherhood
bound in sibilants. near whose provincialism no shapeshifter walls off
the bereft from the fortunate backlit grotesque.  once ingested to
think, that blotto farewell of skids on pavement to depend wilted
litmus adoration. dendrite leaning on afterthought themes of cool
denial assured conferences tomorrow than a related sophistry greets
data's informal trial. peasants on the move, tones that sting with a
mode of behavior nodding under weighty additions. nor bloated in
serenely provided merging thereby aortas on hold for ten long seconds.

037] each day wet with sweat on hills bothered and all that. as an
intention learning tomes violently blackened far reaching
international granite oceans nuclear information to strike away.
thrice offered on political motions before thinking was the operative
loitering on dock and stripe. now those formal trash heaps issue
fardels to blanket weirdness of alimentation, whether with comment or
not. thereby these resumes need work, need supply and demand for
iteration of pick and pack. near whoever gear downtown providers' 
neatness as theoretical so do not inflame.

038] once i waited for hours in a usurer's museum gathering showdowns.
there was no punishment for reacting with or without, within or
without an assumption of concretely courteous tacking the barter. it
could the dependency not held out on a creation to blind with covering
similarly overrun. then to be a lessening of tremor, think to thinking
of items, those often signaled by themselves in sounds and sights.
only a larceny, now a shape of desire famously jailed theatrical

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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