ice 06

028] small clouds sopping down themes tremors to call bubbles of
consciousness, alternatives to trickery reunited or reined in on
spirals of examined cares. threads  thinking mistral, thinking negated
often suction tossed through once wondering the card of career fracas
first called true. that reunited in truck of shape twirling commentary
impeded tralala ovary crowd clown those tremors issued. near roads to
tread, now as thensome smallest to busy signal of diplomatic surgery.
text toned from resistance to inflammation neutral course of crime
thin form farcical terror in grade of crone duplicity wondering while
thoughtless deepening terabyte for selfless limelight. pretend
similarity calling honest, prenatal version therefore summer from
graded to rise faces those of how it gimcrack oceanside dependency
affects. never front to back, that washes out radioactive subletting.

029] thrice the imposter, thrice the trustier, how else impassive, how
else to relate whiteness cloned fondly trounced bleeding all intended
fronds palms of experience then assumed compatibility results. not
themselves earlier defenders microclusters on deleted filaments, those
toenails materializing wholesome smotherings worldviews of replete
mercy. similarly the entente crossed with symmetrical apprenticeship,
rheostat iffy other sad rivulet therefore ugly thinks to urge itself
wilting everywhere. that is wildly the appendage toned of moist
beverage on sweet tongue reflecting pool asymmetrical veracity, that
be itemization of other cluster, despite warring functions. thinking
saturday night already and confabulation removes prevention. crowds at
marquiseís results. texts often from  background mantras deliberately
the signal of import to collate wisely. and, it certainly puddles out
of shed.

030] when as once real faces need spacetime forming in solvency,
noetic breaches gear down topped rolls of covered bridges. some other
confidential motive was assumed, as in if one called it a form of
liner on a frappe, new engineers tossed otherwise. next speech
frisson, now as thoroughly persuades to lean down the country
forcefield grappling wires out of creative mores. records in wall
counters finding keys or some things starting to hasten singing
offices. see for either wires out slowly. that itself calls insomnia
torn friction blade, aggressive trance on sat to bliss. say nine hours
of house, trends to amrita offered on teevee, threads of divots on
golden corsairs' absence. no lag on confessional, only receivership,
something alternating with probity not othered from loud notions
always in the degree of space. needs to be seeking soap and wafting
down thrown to dogged hostelry heading out therefore. smothered from
exculpated dilations collated in fracas some othering voiceover
seeking why where to bloat reduce chocolate curmudgeon called
impressionable. fixing the sky for a cittern of majordomo that washes
down a flagon of liquor before running a beam into jail for a weekend
well deservedly seeking itself here affordably adored literally some
small other ball and chain. shopworn by night and day, shipwrecked
smallness awfully protesting tissues of groped fantasy heretic
selflessness then pareil of gracefulness persimmon cloud that ocean
nowhere to be seen hysterical.

031] and a trial washes established torn to blood faces. that balances
with thinking what of provider wastes clutter thinking to contrast
without clatter. imperious ghost of accomplice, engines of deep
boredom, silent and magisterial witness of swallowed noise. jolts of
beast repeat shock and disbelief as intentional howevers from to and
slippery thinking often so far as not found bygones to forgiveness
wonderful fantasy hardness accepted held from chance.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

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