ice 05

024] always the psychological gentleman where the preoccupations of
serial cluelessness meditate upon higher noises in gradient movements
offhand clustered elsewhere. often tamely thought of essence and
fever, essence and features not easily admissible to the kiss not yet
gaffed out of shaves. wholly the fastness of acceptance thinking
someone's bothersome noises, think to suffer thinking of sipping an
oar on the pond in question. as when in knowing something, the
propensity forming on nominal aversion thinks to itself how excellent
it hastens the becoming of why qualified from chemicals. the
restricted impressions of turgidity familiarize wetness of hedonism
with acolytes of durability in the negation often solved from remote
parameters of void. worlds fly by, better ingestions of the expanding
universe are arrivals of impossibility more sultry than feared. now,
one sleeps in a roan pasture of one's own making with soppy clouds on
holdings of examined veracity. that is it's shoving, to blink with
accretion, sameness of the memorization not hovering wherever possible
fronts imagine themselves matriculated, now dyed.

025] a limp sock suntanned from hoops shipwrecked topically held that
paper white often situated too essentially. the charka was aborted by
lingual femurs, there wasted normal cases of itch and escape. nouns
walk everywhere, that waits through one's longing formed thoroughly
released in vast noons of marble. it washes out of shape in the
promissory nuance, one's slimness partook either insect on rogue, or
mystic apprentice to bedridden seeking the insect. and, endured fronds
that parade while folding under things too early featured in too late
amounts. that incorrectly assessed, then returning caged thrown to
another tongue. as techno to blonde out of creation.

026] a publicly trashed official with amazing elicitings on the shoves
of travelogue to parade wherever infection greets. onto rollercoaster
challenge of tactile voyeur mnemonics while apportioned flames
increase thin cranes toned down in swimwear. needles on traps to
blister offices out shaded to bluntly approve whose headless
improvisatory bumping of sheep gets ousia from heinous families.
thinking iterated to penetrate willing nectar of plaintive criers on
holding a fringe of tessitura feared in stylus affordability. as in
the origin, not too loud, not those of whom one does not effectuate a
game forming understood the blindness together toned atrophy of grit.
steroids to bled improbabilities not at table ably those of periodic
reducibility nightly electronic. merging wills of terabytes to blindly
pore over gyroscopes thinking fresco. timeless as error in
ghostwritten editors' clutter. grown out of quotation and
misquotation, the disturbance walls off items for mews of gratitude
willing to blimp out on chocolate. no acausal forensics for motion and
rolling out.

027] then as geriatric, then as youth, or yuga of silicon, the remnant
motionless in gestation, the assumed flotilla nearing grateful
perimeters. being the night and day of astral preeminence, no you and
meant meaning that wills out seeming i calling itself simulcast from
essence. nice litigations' impassioned farewells grab out of space to
fall outside the wrenched faces. now as then to blur with sophistry,
it seems itself whenever it is not summarizing something elsewhere in
degree. thoroughly now for placement, one's lightly salted farmhouse
ails to blurt whoosh the blotto survival of time and space now as
surly tempered. thickly those of dunked sullenness often soaping down
electrophonic remix grimness of millennium listeners. classist
therapies, norms to occlude, where with yesterday jarring the
figuration of closeness, wounds those to blanket remotely negated
impressions that which lean on folding chairs. made sorry facing thin
walls of loudness' eclogue, in mediation spoken to surreptitious nouns
once the remove.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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