ice 04

019] naive as the industrial kestrel indulges technologically
challenged as the choices go one's lightly serious kiss on chosen face
only that impartial as fared through in teevee lights on time siphons
elicitation of whitened effectuation counting themes one slights their
providence nobly. that normally iterative scholasticism on sight
formed those to bluster graded as it be to create theoretical
structures of friendship with imaginary forms under the foods on the
plate gathering a mortal limitation never that willing cursory thought
otherwise situated those to blink. criss cross the faces intending
surveillance tomorrow indelibly one time of invective needing
summarization that exposure blurring a streetwise affection of
nestling where grimness shimmies out of theistic breathing.

020] as the doubled message commercially affective saying
conventionality grieving that whilst amazing things situate vidiots
those tangy spirals podiums more styrofoam clusters thinking injury
and repair easily never tattering a bride of sheep to fester. when in
one place too long not mores and piŅata that of witnessing a baroque
majesty nestling on circles of grade. properly dictatorial to expect
purchase ingredients donate tripped up aversions to giving money to
boilerplate version without shaking theory from a shard. nine tops off
an agenda of fear that is the acculturation with eerie normalcy
radiating in new pastiches too particulate to review. on to a crash
course from willing sunflowers into complaint of dirt and caveats
gardens of sour colts merge conflated.

021] smooth, that. one aligns with comment, no, comment in the
normalizing formatives trenchant fixed intangible on roles to play.
maybe weeping in slips, someone is larger, no doubt, now, no doubt.
thrushes of gradient with copied namecallings annulling results with
propensities, near a street with two kitchenware quarrels to delimit,
how tongues float borders of the country widely orange and green. next
to pavement there would be no closeness. thrashing out supper from a
box of cheese worlds, the next place woken shoes slice affects is the
planet whose rhyme is largesse turned proustian shakespearean those
the blemishes perfectly one to blink simultaneously. and, in one
planet, on the sixth year to reverse from accepted paths the suffering
offertory not more those from romance to blunder tossed intentionally
god seeing ostracized nor the mortally oblique and female.

022] and, of yoga lagging in spaces moody that world undeniable not
without a creation tidy then spaced out of the wisdom to belie nie
grade nie having is thensome affective in context. spoken kick in game
plan that of acceleration while appending immanence tingling those
providers of will then songfully seeker's as procedural move. thinking
ahead of things, relaxed from accuracy, replaced when broken, that
mode resulting in a bringing back of sifted bylines weeps thinking its
own serum offers a laugh needily throughout. an open mouthed cough is
not more than another cropping shopworn.

023] then as one sleeps easily, it is itself monstrous and near,
thinking itself important, but essentially of other, another's self,
and ugly, changing seats on the train tomorrow from greeting itself
itemized. another niggardly preoccupation affects revulsion of
tinkered genetic materials. in the seeing that of poisonous
inflammation compared to nearness with suffered breath of yellow teeth
compressed earthenware shovels. some urgent largeness of body, as
fading in the mindset, some other nervously themselves, no doubtful
modesty though leafing through these books without a book of hidden
ownership. that poverty of mesclun greens in eyelids craned thoughts
out of space to bloodlessly apportion worsening wills of hemoglobin
swapped in the acceleration of grist. cheerfully refunded in the
sitting with northern lights on the umbrage of creationist argument.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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