ice 012

058] a holding where savor remunerated outrageous numbers of
instrumental peeks to outside impartings. the two dollars well earned
and practiced formally. an voice that researches indescribable
laughter from indescribably ladies. narratives liking those of
retention therefore as theory limits whose abrupt revelation serves
the forceps of a misquoted opportunism that does not materialize
elsewhere. what one can be sure of is not always the serviceable
revelation. any tethered impartiality actualizes itself in memoranda
and ingots. depending upon the seriousness, sustained from having
broken heads indexed front to back, now as then the relata served to
each wait for parroting schools to memorize clean play for dust. so
perhaps not postmodern and perhaps not in cafÈs that much affect would
pretend their intention from another view. devotion, how here to
bleed, when assumed, is more the appearance the motive calls out
familiarly, that being irascible for background.

059] a smothered backroom gambit in whodunit seemliness waits for
mailed pertinence, there being aporia after aporia, all inverted and
sticky. wailing thoughts into blunt officials' northern isolations,
perhaps goal clustered by an overshot, wean themselves too quickly,
that wafts the smile of headless agony. a gesture where plain speaking
tempts but does not ally. and in two pieces for the movement, now
friendship aware of same imperative how it begged the question all
along waited for materializations. hastening the waiting gambit, those
reflected lights on parking lot pavement are near the bridge over a
cruelty. the basic equation is elaborated in copious improvements of
feigned unattachment. each chakra opens in correct time, similarly one
waits easily something to bring out another will.

060] a more feeble climate is near never again sakes of theoretical
vocality. a switch brought on alertly intentional thematic losses of
roughened surfaces. the wuss of grueling tyranny, go figure. as
weeping in a shade of what seems easily brightened, at least the
suction of replacement in heart. now modal and lingual, wonders why
experience rolls under true loans fooled from the start. resonant
beauty irons out counted chance mollifying a concentration of how
iterations handle moot voices. or, as when it is to slim down on a
form of its own doing, no harassment varies tunes covertly. no suction
inflates growlux immodesties more than whose therefore theorizes what
well to please woods in the navel graft another's forgetting.
similarly, in and out of theme's housecoat, tempers afloat in watered
planets' duress guarantee mortal clusters will accede to mercy.
choices impend where impulse owns its intuition.

061] altered inventions greeting supped accelerations weal of tempered
landscapes' vanity. more the option with freedom in just a minute.
skeleton crews promise deodorant crosses. to nail it down before
following another badly roped down path. nestling unruly forces in
agreeable circumstances, literally the twice applauded waits for
historicism to allot amassing's tones to defy. where with summary no
hailing threads out of time and space, wills of theme and track
reorder know themselves better when modulated. then as to crowd out
the monocle therefore indelible and greeted incarcerated in theory.
milling about damaged from starvation's release to announce things
wait the replacement on nectar's office. pleasing no havenots with
same license, the infills of easy misunderstanding demand reaction and
prosody in change of creation to blankly admit voiceovers. that
opinion thinking itself before read, these impressionist graspings
skeletally improve teleological modesty, first to hand therein a
greatly formed imparting.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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