ice 013

062] and what that's supposed to engender of careerism, the telling
spoken, not had, shaped from all time, throughout similarly opined
grace, one festival at a time. thickly the resumption grades out of
serviceability willing the semaphore tossed to winsock blots. hasten a
redundancy of hair color, allowed to watching's elegance, some othered
smiling farewell in the actuality grasped.

063] a noise of treads' igloos, and wherever thinking releases
pertinent suffering of trial, those siphoning elementary genuineness
wait for portions to enflame. on traps of walking, on tresses
therefore indelibly actualized, nothing well spoken of vents with
alarum the situation egalitarian in mode. durable ocean, how processed
are moments when oceans' limitations are not felt? who gambles itself
for a grandiose province when with stacks touched in the sleekness,
one sizes out of a creator's resonance? smooth literality waiting in
graft and curiosity warns awareness of new spaces fringes to blink
with spiral dissent more the erasure gleaned.

064] times youth unerring seizure takes things to a morass. spaces
unfurl indelibly actualized romanticized or eroticized. organs of
treatment, skimmed off the tactile removal, know an item's precedent
where with attempts to inculcate the householder mortality, nouns and
spaces demand reunification. small change in the mouth of sumptuous
aliment, thinking a streetwise effort of semaphores and derivations,
literally getting through the chapter often siphoned afterwards in

065] signaled to link out of ateliers' grotesqueries caving in on the
easy jazz in mouthpieces of dementia. one seeks a new statement often
surgically operated from ego. that of a whiling template incestuous
afterthoughts in the motionless afternoon. waiting where weeping once
was: never the same pretense for eliciting emotion sporadically.
tricked intolerably mentioning the demonstration mode of mesto
variance, literally akimbo the words of a vocabulary made switcheroo,
but never dyslexic. that of a reminder on a slothful imagination
reacts weltanschauung aside for attraction's mentality while smoking a
cigarette outside the window. night reverses the in and out of
limitation, aligned fruitfully tracking artful amortizations, now and
then from the thinking of a change, 'as if' formally one slims down
the manageable remission of treatment. negation issues its ownership
from ruled lines in a notebook's replication.

066] a denouement of chiasmus in dossier to tread with alacrity veneer
pretending of examination. wines tell gymnasiums offer solace bound
formally the restriction of consciousness arranged first from the
having seen. or as when it hastened theirselves in a motile relaxed
mannerism for throughout one climbed on treads teeming slippery.
affable bridges brushed off lights flooded through elemental
noteworthiness gravitate towards amassed lessons of the other closure
as trying betterment in festooned grist. pleasing to evoke salient
changings of hammer, pleasing others for moving throatless gaddles of
bloat and finesse.

067] easy as it goes now... there was cause for everything's
eructation... thrice awarded infections thinking change of
heatedness... movement of creationism  reacts with what mastery
advances in reactive mollification... a trammel of bundles intend form
thinking wills without sleep... the densification of proffered attempt
does name trial and largesse for its ownership literally if pulled
back then someone asks outside whereabouts cling... a nectar gruels on
chosen flutes... iterations of mercy, iterations of generosity without
space...nuances officially therefore too absolute peroxidal and
thinking it overshot in fallaciousness... therefore issued changes,
therefore reinvented forms to blamefree one side the equated move torn
head... those wet out of school previous to who advises what will and
skeletal, perhaps altered from survival of text... met with in
hastened to afterthought, named the taste sweetness of seductive
relation... thousand reflooded brocades repeat breaches perhaps

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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