ice 014

068] named to bliss out on backlit energizing... wills of persevered
intention grab out of shape traffics telling notice to advance
morally... in as one breath, sizing things of effortless notions,
someone placed there to bleach out of issue a flood of left over
seeing through where reaction and where it comes from is... that
officially expects, that is a mortise willfully abandoned and formally
one's ownership of goal too busy to embrace, no now that braided
entourage... gelling the evaporation mercilessly therefore thensome
roped down...

069] for what oneself in grating noises on chalkboards donates to
largely aiding increased flammabilities, the denouement waits the
clinging to tread... guarantors everywhere seek betterment and
depositions offer trenchant officials their melancholy bourgeois
notions... defined for wonderful annoyance, howevered into silence and
speech's description after in a tactful resilience more the seeming
thinking who and what issues of the universal treading... one scabrous
element after another, the scandal of trial and truism notifies one's
own palaver from hurt examiners' deflations... alight in dishonor,
thin agendas align with sumptuous self reliances meddled with in
guarantees solemnly abrupt...

070] what one could is more or less than what the expectation could
should not examine... those properties reflect bustlings whose
preemptive gratitude accepts flagons created for gravel choices... one
spittoon selects a pulling backward for exeunt alarmistically
trashed... mere appendages dress out of  perhaps the one execution
necessary... wending one's way through heartfelt images when nothing
reacts there, that of impasto on generosity if the resonance

071] a bride and a plateau... perhaps the mute solipsism of
descriptive amassing remembers everything at one time...dissolution
excels where plaudits artfully describe emotional's
breath is more the expunged than the restricted...who as takes the
candy store, takes the bridge...the satyr of enlightenment is
persuasive and disemboweled... normal treacle reacts silently, without
teats or depth, sadly... a disportment of enjambment is accelerating
in guarded examination of tools in gesture woven through a priori
sermons... thinking of the persuasive amnesia grown out of promised
flutters is evocative of motility in the formally thought out
process... no one contacts...

072] wending one's way the tarmac wanes tips of sirloin in falsehood
to practical thinking resulting overly intended perhaps... what is
more the not what is quickly adjusted invents selling tactics earlier
than a delving came to begin... windows close, found also... morality
engages itemization with serene floods of manipulation... someone
suggests a quartet when the suggesting is altered spacetime resonating
in one for itself... the poet where?...

073] what restricts is sexually imperative to blanket widely therefore
summering on hammered tendencies... when everything issues remembrance
immolated curiously... or, as a gambler's trickle on ethereal
notification limitlessly walking the way went through where it will
go... or is it as such forgone to emit gratitude preemptively?...met
slice, met thinly appended premises vacillating in wondered
physicality of something reciprocated... expedient mediocrity, through
effortless animosity, no message waived the maven chapped
interminably. what is seeded is more than one gags on...

074] buttered exponents, the mantra not seen...the monastery of chakra
opened washes out of announcement's sundown for fading data splurges
on day appending nectar into gurgle... so respite from aggregate, that
overly propiniquious. making momentary grit... one could begin with a
resonant voice, acting lessons, plural trusses, a differed mounting,
pertinent savings possible at even this laterally opaque movement...
thinking therefore reacts with feeling to please one's delight in what
one seeks sought effortlessly response to advantage of asking the
damned bustle remotely oneself self righteous...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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