ice 015

075] doggerel for a dramaturge expects to believed... if fate for
fated, if that of ethyl alcohol the physicist on lsd in quitting
time's expansion... malleable affordability generates itself
ruminatively... those of practically one ounce of cadaver result in
the after midnight gamble from annulment of exegesis... thinking the
disclaimer waved down on focus not shared, rather traded... one's
changing of wills does happen to select few, the fuses demand
replacing when solvents donate delirium... an equation of mercy thinks
itself restructured from actuality naturally expected... actually that
halfway merited familiarity expects generalization and compares with
excellence and dual iffiness... replication decodes things earlier...
one thinks to begin gaining on trapdoors once the buds of tendier
light exponentially graft out of parallel throughput... one's
alcoholic margin names itself bled annulled moodswing... a moral of
trenchant misericorde gives mercy where effectuality replaces truth...

076] practice, practice, the sawtooth maddener expects to believe...
so manageable the traffic, so small the issue, so emergent the
climate... grommets donated to expand wires offer treads of light in
thinking attempts to ratchet up blood pretend wisely... now, the magic
operatives derive salutary moisture from exhumed release... opaque
titanium on continents melting winded faces those to blink thinking
caves out of a trash heap restricted officially brought up to
statement... wins the target essentially epicurean, or logically...
one's canadian grisaille offers buckled non absolved putting in the
jettisoned normalcy of academics, each of them, seeking no extraction
from parallel marching orders... nebbishes alter the change of
academic resilience thinking of use value for meaning and truth... sad
for themselves it mutates underfoot and gambles resulting onerous
thinkings into procured fame for everlasting motives...

077] how it became a version of tattered minutiae, weepings near the
bridge... one puts fallacious notaries into oblique rewrites of time
spent with officially expected brush offs jurisprudently the machinery
examined... soft shells crumble on cafe lyrics... others ache to meet
with summarizations of traffics in already twice born proponents of
goodness and sentence strata... small minds afflict, smooth worlds
apport to claim wires often so blamefree those thinking reduced to
preoccupation shocked to last topping out on cancellation...

078] changing the garden formally thought to sepia tone absorbed lawn
raking deeds... clones think, dusts trek out of a field of bassoons
demanded for from the fluid applause prescient in temporary
noodling... even that wishes itself resumptive, with stretch marks
secondary for the relaxation gartered frosted... nuance open heated
easily another winning saccharine mood, neutral gitanes fortune of
reinvigoration awakens those promissory grommets sir...

079] either's intending ramifies for theoretical abruptness wherever
infotainment is mismanaged... therefore infallibility resilient as
panache glows from thematic solace formidably in the creases of
infected grimaces loaned off the trust... however thinly addressed
attempts to resume on floribunda from the healing strives no parallel
universe of magic ovulation without inspection... some small cheese
inflates thinking's electrocution without asking first... someone's
nourishment is telling to blame iterations before handing out
awards... next to the absence is a removed supperclub of dubious
mortality... no one escapes the timing of shapes in a conflict between
the prelingual universe and the language derived soliloquies
surrounding propagandists who walk through barbed wire to inflate thin
egos in worrisome manner... the membership of chameleon scholastics
doomed to picture themselves in ever increasing marble pillared
scrutinies devouring once amazing escapade with horribly attuned
memorials of their own glory days... leaning forward into a survival
one data splurge at a time...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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