ice 016

080] redress becomes sporadic, someone laughs easily asked pastiches
of mulled citron devote to freed meeting of sacral official's
denotation as in a pretend mollification of fluid mechanisms in the
braggadocio... humans all, we slink about the temples of another
fading... no apex wills to blink wiring diagrams switched off and on
night and day... not this one to evoke another time in space from
equality of mutation the clamor from annulled thinkings in space to
blanket the sorrow... depth of romance from someone else's remission
to advantage... in a soliloquy of formless anonymity, all night diners
described in living magazines alarm noons from any other essence...
that is their formlessness, singularized...

081] now, as blossom, the motionless artisan in receiving demands from
away teams, everything in painless decrease, thesauri affixed to blink
and drive with situated effervescences... non agent blots in skies
that skim out of range, do sever ties with the one wholly inhaling
atriums before finished roles of divisive anatomies thinking poetry
wait and skimp...

082] one's dealing with error and escape is more the syringe
atheistically bordered from failings thought of as does on the
fieldscape offered to slaughter... nouns from an iteration glance off
wounds therefore silly and treasonous... morals, all, not aware of
themselves, nor of others with in an act of paint and fear... near
soft colors denoting a symmetry, doucement altering reality before
one's eyes, lineated in scrimping beefsteak silverado blotters...
nuance without derivative, did you think one would contextualize the
larger format once navels of the universe recall themselves?... none
arrogant enough to affect willy nilly the escapade being came to be...
now, that wonders about itself, no harvest for the big guns on the
hill, depleted before deleted, ensconced before removed in a twist of

083] neatly that, and in one soprano dossier nodular thinking siphoned
out itself in a flagrant campaign for monasticism... density aflame in
flecks of the large movement, now as then, that is its evidence
believed... mahogany rulership on a flood of hardened eyelids
accustomizing essential radiations of thrashed out floods in the glued
down coverlet... one remembrance of thanking who is figured before one
tedium escapee redelivers things in packages held by oleander soloists
purchasing themselves...

084] nevertheless, in a gaggle of evaporation, one is now asked to
blast out of accelerated voiceovers, nothing without a scandal
bitterly advocated... and from whose affability grows out the
disclaimed familiarity of greeting?... some shoes not doubted for a
belief in flying themselves out a pittance in festival... the music
contrasts with a silence inner to emergence... no one shouts off the
evolution those parameters issue farewells... therefore in more than
one dimension being escapes its own divisions... no having's
appearance is the food from goof as vulva... normally in tangible
acceleration, motes invisibly curious defoliate accumulated monads of
cruelty... doused in face of track record, the adventurers delimit
announcements of predicted gloom no one believed... later that night,
a granularity of nerve washed up on beachfront property in cannes...

085] a betterment of vanity in partaken schools of clean speaking
donates memories to the box of desires inflaming correspondences
between agreeable mutations... those to prevent underwire samplers of
patina grace with a sadness of grateful agony... one's procreative
arrival notifies modes less averted in various moods of experience...
now to blind with 'not now' said in action of stated motive, the semen
on the crucifix waited formally trusted once as much for those to
blemish.... enervated notions of greeting and periodicity voice over
the mammoth crouton on student days... how you expect is yoga insight
hastens from soft communique...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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