ice 017

086] the siphon wastes it noontime situation before averting an eye of
stated variation on dasein... it is a process the mood experiences
easily once announced organized as its vote for adumbrated
forensics... mute lozenges deplete short skirts when panegyrics
devolve ultramarine notes battered in the artful dancer's voicemail...
someone wept for the southern lady that imposed forces... those of
peristalsis under scandal offered... each madness of sensuality
expects the rancor to devolve once expectations undulate... new
moralities literally the same form accepted, deny omniscience first in
having a grass shaped into excellency of margin... too bad the seizure
avows a louder deft tundra...

087] the musicians walked on, walked off in a sloppy line of terror...
names inveterately the abbreviated mind grasps derive accuracy when
perimeters tackle the cappuccino blast at nine houses away from
examination time... had youth been the sameness of trajectory, one
would already know a better sentient worked in subcutaneously... a
number of scares were recoded into accelerated because evolved modes
of behavior... a sample was noted from hastened affliction, from
leashes out of the cage meant for neverneverland asked of for
itself... the ebook version waits after a secondary partition walls
out of value driven workshares of camelot vanities... hasty paradoxes
tooled in the exponential grease of amassed braggart morasses noodle
with online adventurists flooded with experience new as theme too
bleak and nestled...

088] then in an affixation of manipulation, near whose pretend
movement the seedless forgetting engages itself modally, perhaps ahead
of time... the primacy of termination avers truancy wherever
preventable... that dousing wanes every time vowels near predicted
mating scholastics under one's breath... scraped off ailments in
tangibly reminded verse finders' mindstuff, theory as poachers in the
temple nestle under a clear message, a changed version tackled
grandiosely now then once always... said ignorance of time and space
averring nourished finding when stunned with the breath of derivation
at one ten one hundred those to bloodlessly accept in duress
throughout new creationism a grasp of the serial kiss now planted on
mouths over scalpel monads...

089] then as once tomorrow in a feeling theocratic amnesty amnesia of
telling in space... either one's slight is modified or it is
granular... where twirling an affectation for younger omissions,
depleted in modest remoteness, the accuracy of telling is noontime's
address, in two year donations... each easy parcel opens its own
feisty ampersand as the guest wrench offers olfactory glossolalia
portentously... yesterday's imperial memory says of hidden
rollercoaster tensions not pleasant to be without... thinly addressed
in floods of gala formations, the motivation exceeds parallel truancy
in faked removals of ether... without reason, that which it's a
glandular officialdom, now to blanket infected grammars with avarice,
the scansion of truculence opened...

090] then as now, the readership acts under stress stretched... near
issue, to blind oneself to nothingness is wisdom accentuated, that it
be simulated... more the stated removal of consequence, in
impossibility accomplished... a law toned through cause and affect,
now miscued from rendered time spanned all round the ivory towel...
whose louder intention din of backing down assumes itself intolerable
for environmental popularity regurgitated... that as in a beast of
grateful seriousness, the replete voiceover makes itself fed...

091] coffee and cages, how it aspires while deflating situations of
elected periodicity genetically alternate... meaning as new, the
streetwise laughter probed in an eschatology more the survivorship
laughed... neat impressions regale flagrant possibility...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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