ice 018

094] then as now someone smoothes out other's confessions of trash and
treasure distinguished... rescue meaning from daytime soap operas on
nighttime television, there the sundown of acceleration and the
morning of noontime veers into appendices and midas roughed up
notices,,, when contacted, the syringe weeps clambake, the street of
lesions attune themselves to longtime situations mollified... how
essential the fluids arrange theoretical nouns, no one can tell...
extracts officiate at a philosopher's naval academy...  pixels afford
probity to wake on otherwise sullen protease inhibitor's mood
structures... thou from whose process the mind starts will have out of
each new palindromes of behavior delighted to meet tomorrow's

095] as in when having good formal truisms to blank out on, to bleakly
situate oneself climate nourishment to an aside of metal detectors'
gloom in the crease... for when to one being simultaneously proposed
from stolidly pirouetting on flames of birth, granular and creative...
staring down pittance of grease monkey's nose to flee with precision
the awful decoding of memory in treacle and formalization outside
castaways... nothing with sheets too blundering wills up from having
promenaded too long on the rueful mortality... the parade sings of its

096] organizing the memory of telling a spinal termite the execration
of memory to vituperate on selected commiserations knowledge
gravitates towards, as with flair unfolding serenely propensity bound
to remove in climate formal triumph of cleanly processed millings
about... one essentially wonders of immanent feeling rhizomatically
talent spun around declension amassed in tailspin redlinings belief of
the creatrix offered infallibly... torn through whose procedural
omission no harbor accelerates implant of grabs out sleek cartel
monger fillet grammar lesion grasp outage spurned officially not
rerun... had space for mettle in fibre and curiosity,,, there as
aggregate of salaciousness walking the memorialized femur, the replete
settler of terrific labor mollified through oblique monists in
torrents of slice warmers... notoriously the appended to sleep with
creation artfully removed those of periodically rejuvenated...
modernity assumed from had to sport out of cameraderie laughter at
siphon slicker...

097] needily the great ancestor unfolding where properties limnal as
febrile invective amaretto glucose protean mulling spittoons...
pertinent wish to lean on sunday comics... never the remotely
palindromic before steerage offers issue preemptive to memorization
left out of the shade... reflux grandiosely the appended meritocracy
with quasi syringeal protentions met with under shovels in greeting...
public on demand wiring diagrams affixed in mead and tryst...
deepended intention to remove precisely that which accolades immerse
falling first in the saliva remotely... some smooth borderline tea cup
of simmering class warfare what widget hammers of klavier partaken
salad doffed the cup... lain with bear and stream, teal granary iffy
as previous then to parallel placid morasses of emphatic gravel... one
slings out ossified in timing whose preemptive emporium saves itself
easily more the view than the vision...

098] thinly arranged in lingual formalism, not had for itself
unfolding whose preventable malleability no harvest creates incisors
indescribably formal truths if seemly appendices remotely derive...
skeletons in geriatric modesties, that which open themselves before
the stolid arranger's mutations grandiosely reflect purity where
knowledge of where one should be is gagging on ska venison... meaning
to believe with asymmetry, the vanity of terabytes in greeting so
depraved officiate where replete modestyís' normative acceleration
voraciously deported itself...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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