ice 019

099] pared down into watercolor format, the crosswise anatomical
forensic doubles as feeling and taste in its misery... now weeping,
now laughing the countdown is examined from rolling one's eyes into
headless backgammon players' immanence in the febrile modesty more
oleander than moonsong... well into the bundling, having no speech
atelier for prenatal removal, the minus plus one evokes itself
omnisciently while familiarity escapes the drill... endured impossible
by time and decay, the moisture of failure talks into a microphone
somewhere believing that munitions recall themselves warily... the
stage is set on hands down to blast out of this workshop world
meniality... someone in the front row is mooning the summershine with
a lemon in mounds of hair excelling,,, now to therefore in a feral
numinosity, time as space is the receiving dock under investigation by
general agents... the waking state is neutral fantasy of itself
repeating and repeating till overload undresses in chameleon
miniseries, one after the other...

100] night and day, that's what exulting of delight gets oneself
immortally eyelids over the shapeshifter's merit... can we be but
yesterday's extensors in a run through tundra and tropical scene?...
is there no middle ground for masculine feminine debacles while
preoccupations derive themselves as smaller and smaller?... dinner
will be served soon in the naked bungalow... everyone is expected for
the storage country is defined as permanent...

101] recalibrated by monkeys, one's own is seen with a few keys, the
kisses and hugs worrying themselves dear... clinging to magic strata,
no one's magnetic laughter ironic borrower that it has become will
advance anyone more the strangeness of duress... hospital spell
checks, those prominent document ads on faded bravura donated to the
asking's print supply... perhaps authorship remembers itself some
placemat mantra of sluice and fever, can a creed of dust and dowry
attempt its own regurgitation?... is one as always to blame for
eponymous response without caring?... one weal and worry tempting the
caveats, night and data, time and again losing addiction to melanoma
under sun and sky... a switched sunshine more mnemonic than chorus
bound, deletes links in zeroed in zoos one can only see for itself...
we qualify the sysop into memorization schemes no caprice evades
ruefully... while watching the post office box burn up in frozen
arcana, now and then they commiserate incidences of deletion,
literally the semaphore not allowed to go that way in fortune or in

102] one does not flounder on the equality of time and space... they
are therefore iterative and memoranda bound to defy... some larger
choice waits next to a building onerously propitious and deflated...
cares and worries, that's altered notions for what they themselves
are... one lines up for a grammar, one walks away... needs are
deferring to implacable monads of trail and trellis... therefore
underscoring a theoretical moral of time told to speechless dossier,
the recombinant in a question of the rehumanization of worldview
ghostly cameraderie aside...

103] that which waited, written back ward, is the radio railing
against selfhood formally tracked into a living room, the mess on the
floor / not had in a gambler's sample, that is its weakness moved into
thinking perhaps a softer gentler meaning would begin with niceness at
the rumors defoliating the faceless man / someone is deleting the
miniseries theatrically offered from no one talking it out with those
carefully damaged in wars less clean than this / not the shape, rather
the shade is the telling of its own hello and goodbye stood against
the wall of a demented reason gone true / sheep at the slaughter,
lions too, those wailing from hearing arrive later to pick up pieces
of clay

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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