ice 020

104] one data sponge is more podium than agoraphobic, no one can tell
at first glass / what the same parallel calls poetry, some call
prasada / it always leaps itself as career of whozit the blasphemer on
skeleton key moonsong / hoping to recalibrate, now adumbrant, it is
not enough / that a settler gravitates towards ruled voiceovers
calling them words / for when one lines uteruses in the fold of a
drift to workhouse, no havoc emits less the burgeoning speed of
wrenching out a greeting / incandescent molecule having youthful
startles themselves openly / whereas potentates' empirical nougats
fleece impassioned rolls of text and derivation, having shed the
bonded flurries of teleological mercy we form under sleep's syringe
now to be had in a flow of odor / removal under directorship literally
not shaving for years, nor for the worried flagon witnessing a
rentshare on blocked resilience / deporting sameness of reason, the
situative elegance issues more from romance than survival / not in
shaken rope, that of sundown in team's lagging, now had to blanket out
ossified shelflike theatrically the remuneration of glamour / gone
streetwise, there is no shape for shame

105] less than strangers for a while, now that onset officiates from
hoovered pylons in therefore as rotund diction moving day in suburbia
/ promises what cannot deliberate northern smoke screens in the
flattest load of what is mentionable / grace to speak of it, as it if
going theoretically provident toned umbrageous loitering's morality /
dusted affect indelibly that which detritus glances off sheets of
patina always yes always expanding always expending always that yessir

106] and as there is now not any shoes topicality can fiddle the
titillation of mercy, speaking memory to space and time, how it
softens the heart indexed as carnivorous and melancholy prior to
convention / a spoken earth to blend with color banding lane passing
lines of disclaimer denoting whose previous amazement officiates years
later at the moving data splurge immensely hard knocks shod of
iterative selectorship gone awkward / that regurgitated promising
thimbles will not prick the finger food, those preeminently appended
to removal's curiosity / seeing how a processor impedes its learning
process or does not, and there is na‘vely bought duress to balance
with survival, time to share or spread / fabulous motes in eyes, how
they skip files though parallel modes serenely offend no haven of
skater's fellowship

107] dreams or visions not distinguished from laughter and tears /
having a speech for rendered veracity that of profit and loss
denouement or victory, the visor on hat's gloom predicts named faces
will out of sheep, out to lunch in a moonsong more that of than with
its own / rapture of delimited grabs out the shoves those all those to
delete impotently creased in the glance touched soulmate / wounds bled
into for maidenhood, those tassels implode whose paramour grass and
skirmish donates its breath / one's actual noon in mandible ochre
yearly temptation gristle altering shapes of etiological messengers'
groping / navel of byline, templates whose seeming evidentially
promises itself for a willful lariat

108] thrashing a decanter of podium with modal truth offered on
floodlit ampersands, now as to begin tidings' wellness officially
eyesight to blanket out of sheep / ductile announcements reverting
wholly appendix bordered notions handrails old women bass players on
amphetamines at worldview's appearance not talking the coolest ice of
glandular likeness / impossible as torn through a weaned farewell in
the gruel of urgent pellucidity manipulated informally treasonous and
bundled / where with a steerage to bleakly improve core ductility in
the approbation of headless punishments laughingly applied to denoted
lapidary solenoids tamed for the realization curiously / now teamed on
haves in the dropped bookstall warring finesses of thematic
soliloquies wet down the happening waiter walker named from herself at
gaggled omission heated from necklace

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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