ice 021

109] ethereal licenses deplete morasses loudly affording thought forms
unindelibly the soloist graded increasing holiday bundles of paved
creator musics / decent as mondial, then situated compilation, those
to bleed familiarly, willing itself will tome of scallion and burden,
semaphore dully appreciative frozen in arranged meow telling overdraft
site / a mere ocean of laughter, then summarizing officially romantic
naves in culinary exploitation waits for the chakra to absolve
ultrafinery in the dustbin of charity / each less than easy braggart
needs itemization formally terrified in the gradient of crematoria,
curiously appropriated indiscreetly brought under thematic enfoldment,
a slice of itself in breach / whose announcement of documentation to
gather ironic notation defines iota's mellifluous emergence least?

110] therefore whose appetite engages infinite remoteness and
predicament goes somewhere else inside a dustpan formed of candy /
thinkers in dependent clauses on hot days in human terms, defend
theoretical amnesias from openended crossfire and waste / nothing
wells up from however many tones the community of paradoxes gambles
over / in a choiceless entity not held to pertinence, waste ages in
telling preoccupations of mutant gloom, the scourge affable as
notorious / densest front to back, the league of cheats in gestation
guerilla tactics, opens someone's ear to bestial nomenclatures
ornately dressed in chanticleer and melisma / small tool that walks

111] error in forming a treason too bullet proof to war on itself /
now hastening from aspects remunerative to those moist and featured /
each collation knowledgeable and fixative, theme to bleary eyed
nourishment, something lagging behind, some small opening in china
plated glassware / in reluctant omission, to be as assigned for a
world of career and chiasmus, deleted in the infotainer's oleander
visage / a mettle of grainy line beads, not the hampering of strived

112] as in whose procedural startling the replacement wills out of
streetlife, a dormant orison of treasured billions knows itself as
divagated and remote / now held, now fed, how excellent to prize
variability in surge / mellifluous bungee cord of trenchant vapidity,
collated from whose ferris wheel devolves the sentinel of duplicity /
that of shaped intent, more the affect and whiling awareness of
monetary silt, vacant as processed / moist vanity corrected from whose
snipping halo grandiose obliqueness effervesces

113] than a street in syringe, issued from hearing it out, then stray
minds nowhere infallible, nowhere understated, release of themselves
to bleach infarctious grammars / knowhow as possible for
remunerations, these notified for ghosts in machismo durably /
urgently appropriated intentionally the oldest scampering wells up
tissued through assumption of greeting calling out familiarly grimaces
/ never held now to blind out of sheep thensome adumbrated freely the
essential grotesquerie of bank and post office / whose to be is not
held out of shape in tearing down, building up

114] it is a remotely curious notion that keeps upon the rallying
fertility a strata of delimited regalia more than an aspect of changed
intention / and from whose prevention the wasted omission pertains
indelibly / a water truck intolerantly surges out of chrysalis, the
bends of treasure is fixed is that that ailment issued and being
selflessly imperative / the cohered now of emotional summary gone to
abstraction of experimental affect for wholly the nodule symmetrical
somewhat / therefore to lasso in volume new strings attempting
wolverine parcels those of interviews in teleporters everywhere go
ahead of storm centers' everest of nitrates

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

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