ice 022

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offers to bias officially trenchant / named imperatively / those of
tempered innocence now in holiday offers too blamefree in illusory
shoulds not thousands / effectually the tone linked to remorse, the to
be inserted from adept oscillations of vanity as a grammar of streets
unfolds earlier / then truly itemization is nevertheless aware of
falling's impassioned four kilobytes / those arresting a thinker's
metricity, tipped for off theoretically the imbroglio, not stricken
those off halitosis unfortunately that pegged for revelation latter to
recall / warring through the assumptions, no heart for the imperial
class, therefore in a greatly reduced frisson knows to knowing of
reduction, a grasp incentive cannot relate / warts and all, how happy
in the stipend, how awful tinkering will southern, wills other
discretions then silently walks through doors only partly opened from
before / when in a bottomless curd, know the blessing before bliss

116] typically recumbent as formally the resilient moralization of
essence goes, it heats ice into flavors debilitated in mesmerization /
one's slightly amassed imperative releases formal trial and
calcifications indelibly the rotund omission precisely taking tones
out of a shoe / when as pretend to empiricize in graffiti egolessly
permanent voiceovers talent driven warnings forced through appended
releases too frenetic for movement / tinkered those of preventable
larceny, moistures offhand in dll files empirically the trusted
flagrancy of bravura gone blessed / reverting schematics, those
replete fomented through imperial lassoing of testament / defined
tachyons, however gathering spoons into grades of beleaguered
imperatives more the surgery not mixed / generously attempting sleep
and derivation where possibly recalling those believed in gets
badmouthed everywhere infatuated and intelligent / an aporia tattered
indexes offer as pulse from savor tested those to being's cellophane
network / gestated on the tally offered impersonal as term limits,
then singularities engulf the european contemplation

117] as in a collegiate morality play, theory attempts its
distribution often so in action profiteer mood / egoless embraces in
horoscope's indulgence called to the telephone in caring scholar, the
emporium often sullied as tuna and salmon by the resilience amassed /
in depraved impiety one goes thoughtfully to the heart of a cassette
modesty / by mitigating on skeletal breach birth now as then the
famously appended resounds everywhere thought ingredients effervesce /
not had to blind out of atomist grabbing, think as redolence, thin for
thematic ciliated mode of behavior whose depreciation reads out of a
sheep worn too thin / aggregates of denuded forms, how blamefree a
delicate movement negates being heretofore sermonized from the side of
the street parking is allowed

118] those to blind themselves in arrangement calling forward softly
positively the monad of truancy and debilitation / then spanned from
retuning the walls of douanier formalisms out to launch pad chrysales
/ demeaning the possible orison of focus into bloodless imaginations
with cruel topiary knives on wailings those to bleach iffy grenades
out of camera ready surfaces / dense as fended off in the vocation of
melody and melancholy smaller those caesarian / beaten through the
waiting outside doorways altering whose preoccupied findings relent
warring rhizomes thoughtlessly the demesne of female and male openers
/ dendrites altering ailments well into knits of paradox infectiously
remote to blink walled forms outre to the touch

119] in a supermarket email bulletin proof of urgency meriting sieves
unintentionally crosses in the sitcom quality released / then
therefore as no more and technical or trendy technique all the chords
softly predatory empirically tomorrow / hundreds eventually tepid
remittances evocative of spiritual declension, temperance of redolent
mastery occipitally the abrupt wondering why one inertly softens a
situation's address

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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