ice 023

120] thin as gorged through a weave of creeps there issued of itself
removed / then asking to where's elemental looking ahead of utterance
and festival slightly outward bounds of the rodeo lassoed / thickly
repulsive affirmations gravely appreciate the worsening ignobility
massaged from having a stretto repudiated imaginatively gathering a
louder grotesquerie / worn those gaggled thought argyle symmetries
genuflect predictably tossed thousands out of the walls of shaved
cleaners / near the musician's codes walls of rhetoric liken
themselves to fleece blockading a mutinous thirst from heavens and
homes of heavens' reminders / thrashed from prepared foods infected
wetnesses offhand nourishments lost in rereading out of that
clannishness repressed through not qualifying sleeves / knots in
surgical cloaks mundane touches tamed quizzically appreciative
ingested thongs of traction reminded

121] now alarmist and intentionally crossed with a clearly passable
removal / no image of relationship survives this materiality unitary
of greeting broken in traditional creation sotto voce so active /
remopped that surface so many times as templates suggest arrangements
leaning out of themes' lalaland motility abruptly improved /
immaculately premonitory and silent sooner thensome affably opaque
something smaller theoretically factored into adroit empiricism /
genuflection released throughout a glance to bleach out of security
amounts tactile break with reality realigned to blank situations /
these on hold those to bloodlessly think of themselves as frenetic
amounts of gradient away time in the drear office of metal climates /
so at the county seat retained preventable marionettes of the silicon
therapist commercially artisan of thickness duality prone / seizing on
answers of sentient laboratories thought forms released tools of
bloodless relationships wet nursed those prefects officially the
metric navel tattooed / crinolines offering selfless omnipresence the
fortune of amassed gut and wench / neat to effectuate materiality
winning an admonition swarthy parasite dissenting

123] noetic justification bracketing salt and pepper shoes uttered
fronted inner to blamefree kitsch meaning itemization's outwardness
paved into crosswired palisades / a decision to cleanse amaretto
blindness formally willing itself the slough of closed networking /
engaging the summer of weathered being's awkwardness remasked into
packing carts moved through warehouse doors / a sensual replacement
for breath impacts on whose contentment realignment is summer and
winter so slow into the card stock caprice swimmingly adapted / tongs
offer presence met with unfolding criminal investigations' teevee
vacillation more that wiring microwave catalogs / improvident and in
compression threnodies too late for emotion greet witnesses of
attraction gestated undulatingly perceived / smooth vidiot in
prescience of affect, donations repeat the more than someone's hours
to bliss out of cravat hummings / relaxation is merging walls out
othered then those to effectualize in another's school of cheeses

124] as in whose remonstrance the officiousness is apparent, one's
deliberate memorandum to another inside a corrected forcefield of
parameter one. slices that infest woolen precisions without assuming
their reduction. what goes before what goes after in an incandescent
meticulousness of desire. resolved to flee in one world to the other
nectar streaking untimely faces their situations being almost one hour
late to the minute. sleeps in cars on streets with doors unlocked
inviting bankers to undersubscribe. hopefully themselves in a gleaning
of stirred faces. dependent permissions later that afternoon without
candles or rented voices. enumerating the clouds of another's
stultifying milquetoast in defloration. desire of thin client ornately
pungent and remiss from calcification glowing. their's the pulchritude
of demeanor affably retained from remoteness and peristalsis denuded.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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