ice 024

125] designs altered from over the counter facelifts with heavenly
preventatives omitted as pernicious aspects secretly elicited from the
abrupt intellectual light. nouns where impassive latency grandiosely
tackles issues of delivery aspecting retention probes in curled
fascicules grabs out thickly reinvented sandwiches offered in jest. a
sophomoric derangement in cafÈ nights altered famously prior to
excelling with a sheet of destiny after the deluge waited itself out.

126] incandescently modest aware of things out gangrene of pylon hard
nosed ultimates rejoicing at art bookstall's imperatively promiscuous
lottery gains. thinks to value whose provocation is magically
themselves in operation of serviceable munitions' grenade opened.
showed to a wholly appended remoteness agitprop undulations aside the
motion serene to preempt. so as emporiums glow out of scholastic
monday the frosted thoroughfare implacable tonic relation to dominant
lassitude beauty of density appreciated. one's certain pallor in
temptation with whose proffered estrangement seeds out the
doppelganger removed in syrups. margins appended to effulgent lariat's
notochord exonerated, some smoother locket on wrapped sample
relinquishes efforts willingly the membership. warts and all, how to
examine priestcraft ultrafinery erased intentionally those of
bookishness warring.

127] broken in the breakers of tangible rendering lately preoccupy
adulated boorishness venial as terror filled topics released to air
and water. nothing with assumption latently parceled out of scheme
against premonition. bistro goodness and barter on held fandango
lenient aporia with servitude of swans intolerably bad for healing.
met wide names largely petulant anoint shoulds wide of marvelous
pricewars inundating screamed about passions in keyboards thanking
ethereal lassitudes. attempts of the ketenes to merge without
proteins. someone autistic for guarantee and strangeness.

128] so goes the remittance of artifact, in cyberspace deleted.
memoranda for the agitprop largesse on hold with announced formalism
out the double crossed agenda. a miniseries, it is, on blocks and
trammel. then angered or agreed in turn by the fantasy of
maladaptation of repression's after thought. mystery everywhere as
tempting increments devour wholly appended text files off treasure and
filament. decrease as patrimony gels into another's wound.

129] those unburdened smallnesses regain correctly the approach to
saintliness of expedience in time for accelerating adventures with
summary dismissal gone the strata of forgiveness. each ivory
collation, activated by stools, indicates its own parameters before
monist grammars define themselves outside the palindrome of stretto.
wounds everywhere, a miasma of wounds, a trenchant visage everywhere
filled with wounds, nothing the happening hardened by litigation, met
in another world, seems the right thinking of exponential grit.
steering rough waters, now and again in the charm potentially moved
there by learning thin drapes of choice.

130] lice everywhere on hold to mention politely. neat lawns in front
of early rowhouses demand trends often survived indicating ecological
mercy. though that basks in witness chiasmus, now and again the
premonition opens eyes earlier than winning's creation from the blank
machine. fifty armistices on hello and goodbye, the bead game of
trapped iguanas in glass cages let to the farming mulch. then sundown
expects what can watch from tapping out of sheets in volume uptown
gratitude evaporated earlier.

131] nary a trend to watch towels fall out of margins' apex. a small
walking to centrist voids imperiling gesticulation's mood. some of
these are incomplete sentences, each of us knows that and is not
ashamed. once there were irascible children everywhere, now there are
only old fogy looking for teeth. met with the same under brocaded
lawns, we slept to view action in a living room slaughtered by urgent
opacities never out of reach.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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