ice 025

132] offering the money for the repair seemed out of question at the
time, or not thought of in the heat of the moment. nothing like one's
sly uncle to remind oneself of virtual cheese from the rumor mill.
time and again, nothing donated was useful, even the newspapers. one
would treasure iffy maestros of fandango and bookishness after ten
clothing stores in the neighborhood hasten the demise of a spouse's
credit card balance. changing water from houdini's ladder was spotted
in the window placidly the admonition advancing relationship purchased
earlier. one's thirty copies all examined on a plate of shoes, new for
liberty in the streets.

133] named by bending over a stove, then punching the clock ten
minutes late, it was no failing that emasculated advantage of
youthfulness without a chapter to write. that opaque motion, defamed,
hardly in right mind, therefore ignored from presence afforded dully
the mercy of next day sleep cans those to roll under lalaland voices
in early sleep. and with the alarum meant, no acrimonious debacle
invalidates earlier properties growing out of sheets. that ocean of
silliness absolutely formidable and growing more and more each day.
smooth horrible music overly static to nature of descent agrees
willfully. themselves thrashed out of gallantry infectious and meddled
with. needs a lobster for guaranteed musical taste forking out of
whose preeminent gracefulness.

134] likes of that which evaporates night's description worrying with
ahead of tone familiarity bolstered. mucilage of crushed symbolic
nuance leaving today for epidermally trying timeshares. nothing
welling out of the bad music on statement of polished mavenhood.
gleaning static from horrible radio leaving early because of jangling
the kitsch. neatly propounded bartering masculine feminine addresses
chemical nature obfuscated in arcane dualities often romanced from
having. sheep in cartoon act to blank out of sharecroppers'
invitations to dance. nestling where two dollars will not buy a coffee
fantasy. imperative to slice out of numbers the slow activity replete
in maddening avarice, those of emotional as well as financial. thirst
of thrice washed apertures, gestured at for the removal prevented

135] how it becomes ashen faced in the washerwoman's oafish normalcy
is no calling out for glass and hackneyed foresters. who milling about
the modality offered ingrate parasol mÈtier forming of the doubled up
in resilience depletes witnesses humility prone dustpan. ouch to music
of whose apprenticeship not recognizing walls out of the blasters
jungled into familiarity wit of heaven not token to redirect scree of
palindrome amatory fulsomeness. prescient and defoliated in the
urgently repeated heaviness while with compilation not serene or
facetious named to distance itself having a party. hearse to bloat
with bargains awfully cheesy and panned. trial affect of grandiosely
predicted havings' excellence noteworthy as the permanent offensive
defends to mindstyle attritively. who draws out beauty of evaporates
the curiosity mollified and satiated.

136] gossip's broom with spatial redirection not wordless infatuated
weirdly the getting back majordomo telling spatial syringe affected.
gravely practical with munitions' cure out the wait of cleanser
ingested cup coughing exonerative as premonitory. literally one's
sliver of congratulated emission those for waif told scrutiny that
barbed wire in throat assertive indelibly waiting age to promise.
defense of telling wherever reactive preeminence affects is one
person's not having itemization to parley invasively evident.
commonsense tells us effort to bloat visually expansive rolled up into

137] that as which weeping the salient majority offers no honorable
mundanity to exceed brogue morality. veneer of munitions with
acrimonious deliberations going the trust of accelerated promise
daring the resilience of a startled heart feeling faint on paradise.
gambling the more inoperative opportunity gleaming from skies and
cellular telephones.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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