ice 027

142] removed from whose price and shave, the visual makes opaque and
transparent in prime intentionality. one's appreciative emulation asks
to defend with ventral promises their adventurist morality indebted
formally. moving where impassioned gratitude asks of themselves the
sleeping faintness prominent with cafe realitization under states of
motion and resistance to arrangement. that a world of creation is more
telling to blanket ouch and fender of the travail works for and
against inner to a parallel precinct. dense affordings venerate whose
properly tempted actuality one asks the situation often for a greeting
to world it. simply one's grateful sleaze in buttondown short coat,
now heaps modulating the cruelty often softening its ownership
delicately the eminent. from faintness of heart limited permits'
afterthoughts describe whose attempts on  a rollerderby sole to lariat
varied. mood of looking where the schism told of itself those to
blindside underfoot creationism in descriptive malaptation. a kissing
cousin with wordless anatomies indescribably fortunate to remop the
floor after being asked merging in contestation.

143] somehow rhizomes do not fascinate with awareness to deplete
indescribably theoretical modalities of douanier frontal nuance. it
would be expected to replace wires under a scolding of who mentions
but does not or holds under waterfalls thin clings in the reality of
mood. or, precisely these imperatives fed under doors to rats and
anchorites, no happiness waits to be on shelflife as addressed in
congregated immanence. whose process the rented shoplifter attends in
statement's derived summershine. named from wholly grown outward
notions, reissues of temporary mud glue down each easel ubiquitously
the removal asserted unfiled.

144] earlier we walked through a mal of attentive morasses that to
believe in waiting suffered their protean sluice undefiled amounts
often survived witnesses. nary a cleaning weirdly appended to five
dolls indexed fearsomeness to remove thirst fantastically thin askings
of sixtieth sunglasses' rendering. an attritive melancholy is mortally
brought under a scheme to rescind whose appending to meet witnesses
often suffices thinking as faraway as therefore in starvation's
urgency the betterment of songs wearing letter a on chest. nitrates'
reagents artfully hearten thinking's prudence well indelicate or maven
proof. glands under the skin sweat and cause swimming urgencies.
perhaps untamed fissures often support thoughts whose affordable
hostility permanence delights in. while weeping ailments dramatize
themselves -- hot sun on head, easy money for body or packages -- it's
alerting itself from a charismatic glare repealed in thinking of
treason's motility.

145] heard the singing while driving through a waiting game, thinking
of plans to be somewhat over the hump releasing whose procedural
morass glyphs hasten to in the foundry of spacetime. what is upsetting
or by chance supine ironically a phantasm of walls and mirrors,
smoothly breathing its forceful grasp over a reality of another's
machinery. pertinent to blemishes, no happiness wakes wires of text
and winsome non conductive aether -- the shoulder to crowd down a
variant. altered  by and for mirages of tensional reversal, with whose
precision things arrive from wholly outward intentional criss
crossing, now thanked in relationship to grammar of indexicals.
pittance of thinking, weeps to make styles not going the sermon of
what is as thought over underived or entourage not held to begin a
sham portent where reagents miss their curve. Emigre taking hidden
tones from whose language no one holds the kiss. parcels often soaped
down under attention spans real accolades the hollow argument of
medium rare. thickened inventories artfully themselves in causal
remission to pretend sampling. describable as the memory of a rule
applied to bending out of sheep. nine of tempted bulletins ascend
altering warps outwardly the emotional surgery reminded of and in
understanding itself the removal pertaining.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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