ice 028

146] while wide of tides, things eventualize themselves without a
parameter to rescind arrangement or definition. per the text
aforementioned, now as then an artful vidiot mismanages apprisals
temptingly. when in the scope of such, thought is accelerated and
reaction proof. whose marriage to spam weakens itself is the more than
curious of alternating currency deterred. amassing a permanence of
entity, oneself in glance, suntanned the otherness affected, slapping
an insect to kitsch negation and alignment. curl under the music, for
as mutancy of semantic notion reacts willy nilly the spray officially
torn out of a ship, worn those to blink out of witness protection. 
which is failingly denigrated in sporadic release of spacetime,
excellent from the begging. which walks its ownership familiarly
thinking whose affiliation hastens teapots and crullers of an
attentive prix du charme. dicey natures unfold ever longing
fortunately pretending the getting up for ghostwritten magi, those of
pixilated scullions talking on telephones everywhere reminded once
overshod. indelible creation of serenity weeping on certain presence,
hearten the wisdom of aspects grammatized in historical moving out the
shopworn. whose marriage to otherness is definition of laughter and
awareness does not eventuate reversed cropping things with dipolar
masquerades. smallness of tensional crush, imperiling themes altering
toenails on crises gestured at, whose proctored hideaway nights and
days has nothingness as its agony.

147] generalities taken from hearts' outward limitation, thinking
itself into abyssal cruxes validated repealing in theoretical flight
to warring slippery negations, hopping out of a ship inner to
placidity the emulative scholiast depends ersatz mindsets weeping not
the hasty practicality. one sleeps, one wakes, one eats, one
eliminates -- the world vision of soft oysters; night and day in
remote acerbity grail of pardoned script and peroxide telling its
choice to evasive modes of eventuality.

148] that is its daring skittishness, wondering if and why, and the
shopworn for the attempt released in folio. as pertaining where
formats reveal themselves in tentative appendices, no one weeps to
afford etiological parting of the ways now and then. as talking it out
from about face in another's virtual mission to prevail, now the
simmering ligature excels witness outwardly in allowance not heard
thinking the barter wasted from then thinker's jugular absorbed. an
attest of context aligns iteration where driven washes notion
themselves into meaning outwardly the verbal first person.

149] looking at the wafted smoke, one skims a fellowship walking
throats cool low as the benign adventure. one cleans out a problem of
text, the resurgent professor of teal and greeting wakes with imparted
non actuality regained. thanking that scalpel notwithstanding, thistle
in borderline admissions of erasure alter notions once now no
connexion remains. by curious smallness of body and mind, by culpable
largesse and sporadic but increasingly rare definitiveness of pavement
in curiosity, one slices out the rotten parasite  before things win
out from assertion concentrating.

150] neat from having a haggled nothing called out of the powder pot
in relationship -- one agenda to be in front with less, the memorized
patter often bringing intention onto another wasted face, not the heat
of scandal tried. bookishness returned in american ethnicity, the
place not to far, the coffee not too large or strange; haste in
preparation tinkering with a shuffled rentshare celebrated from behind
the hedging walls never invited with woman and man in fortress not the
shipped out to boots.

151] dust's argument not a snub, somehow themes of otherness in
alignment from brotherhood's caprice takes issue to beg out of a
shoal. rendered inverse, no one has words without discretion here,
that is theory's proper fortune.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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