ice 029

152] shepherding wishes first to be revealed in psyche and demesne,
happiness of beauty acts on impasse to impulse regained. formulaic
nothings skeletons know themselves from revert thematically implicated
vestigially tempted and thunderous lassitude fascinatingly thoughtful
over the bridge of that which samples. perhaps a walk back to reversed
sides of a discourse, then one makes cause of pertinence, the boot
under a changed force to befriend wells of temptation, one's scheme
brought under forlorn exponential grist, or, is it artistry? one
independence is bothersome, the other an attempt for reality. in
distended mortality, a permission is granted for action in one's
eventual unfolding, perhaps later, perhaps very laterally, in another
direction, a scruple annoys or pleases wills. that world of praxis
under a scampered storage point of view waits and wakes, with more
time and joy, at least lasting formlessly in greeting wondering the
waited fuse not lit. thrice returned, not seen -- that a margin of
admission reverses priorities with saved promises to ensure is fortune
attempted on another footing. wills and creations, the rules do not

153] this as dirt of streetwise prettified neighborhood. what wakes
slippery from numbering rooms in stadiums does not accelerate or
rescind its mordent craving. nerves act on its only addiction. one can
be heartened bygones have negated rumors nothing can broach the
immortal remission from traction. trust would have it as one, heat
from the pyre of grammar now scolded indelicately brought up into
waking state from dream. which might aggravate or please, it is
northern skies to tell.

154] working side by side, the persuasion controls understanding['s
world. it memorizes a day in cages for two thirds or one third. the
mailgram waits sleepily in secret nautical fissures. gemcraft
thermometers reinvent dossiers before being beheaded. one wills out of
a qualifier the streets are wide of notion. in parlance, one camps out
to think themselves worked an actual machinery of dilation croupiers
candle to themselves. weeping or laughing, how else to defamiliarize
oneself with workshops predominantly outward and absorbed. theory took
somnolent ventures into na‘vet» and cruelty. it held hearts ' dementia
far away in a dormancy plotted by in the agreeability of modes.

155] the duality of prone availing telling is more total morality
broached and something lost. inner fascination venturing into
attention of paradox and parasite wells up in gestural omniscience for
skill in action and thought. one shares the extremism before it
devours annoying roles. there is awareness immanently mouth opened and
noticed buttressed in thinking that of wisdom jurisprudent godling met
with inner vase. jade vessels on true moods, that is the appended
movement of deliberations' going ahead. one wonders if the mortal
cure, call it curse, is ventured to thin perfection of engagement. wan
visage imperiling the not really here to be for what one is becomes a
friend in onetime amazement, issues of a word in light. denying as
preventative imperiling, how fascinating and how we are assigned to
the moving staircase. it celebrates its omniscience in a not
necessarily persuadable thinking that forgotten amassings are motile
an item. those to bend on scrutiny once protean amity glandular of
henna and tropism.

156] one's danger contained, that a wall of situation is prominent
verified. wills of what isolates properly the empirically truculent
venture. onsite that had itemization's pure telling later those to
believe formally as restriction structured possibly letting to sleep.
an ironic totality losing both jettisons. thistle of previous
arrangement in fourth sited maladptation. benign jamming of waves
error prone and replete. already thinking hegira to the model kit,
what of thinking it formally itself beginning somewhere else.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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