ice 030

157] some parallel immanence formidably the result of one's lifelong
lateral curiosity, one never knowing beforehand, though perhaps an
invitation words itself out of cadaver thinking an apparent fairness
is not as it qualifies. when as some is the prominent sapling ahead of
tongue slipping out of mouth on already steeped in moment curve.
palindrome -- that's the acceptance though innate sensitivities crane
themselves for negation's purse. monists onto a gender of skill
precisely thickened from cold ice. thought of before the sevens backed
into a game plan without teeth, therefore stillborn ingested
materialism misunderstanding itself. onto oregano and stella, thought
o prettified thrashing it out in another more trusted n first name.

158] arms proffered in ripeness of language lesson personally the
poseur impassioned tool of gestation one is first right. too the
schism of parcels' outward exposure. thanked to be before it rats out
of solar panegyric, shoddy apprentice deformed with attitude otherwise
binaural. jabbed in another placenta, thoraxes pulverized from evident
premonition, one seizes thickened release of truth, essential modes of
behavior. smooth someone loaded befriended met wide of magician's
citron, pellucid amrita aware to bloat in the kissed hit often
televisionary trip meter often stellar. night's agent thinks of
something there, each attention of permanent variance deliberates a
mercy merged from another's position held. guessing the ripeness
empirically trapped in freedom's horrid whistle, third natures,
separate before joining, repair what warms out of replacement, an
inner caricature.

159] then as denied before washing out the damaged face, one slices
out a wall of defined warping attentive truancy of demeanor/ winningly
the face of graceful agitation. some other dancer on foliation removes
imprecated moisture's genuflection/ asking the corrigible foment
tossed into a career of illbience on pc modality, then as restricted
structures gamble threadless anonymity's ultrafine workaholic/ denuded
nuances of billionaire motionlessnesses, well into the pavement, toxic
to regeneration and formless anatomies/ deepened asymmetry glance from
the hammered facetious laboratory, one's schematic resilience for that
word thought over/ saying the emulation greets with sampled reduction
precisely once intentionally a festival onerous admission of presence
in affair with sorry naughts developing themselves

160] a rerelease of dimes and quasis, alignments verified for
prevention as tamed opacity regains malleability/ some smitten do
negate meaningfulness intended -- diaries eliminated variously the
eluctable remorse for one's later motion/ or is it emptiness of
emotion that curves out of sheep and lion in burdensome appendage
moved?/ one light for skimming, one sample addressed to announce with
thinking itemization relates to planetary aloneness/ then as now,
suddenly on a previous notion, suddenly the crying acceleration vents

161] one wins a clarity derived from having adventures in parallel
form lopped off waving heads of starving westcoats/ domiciliary
propensities for relatedness hastens to begin with environmental
salvos, essences with someone's afraidness  amounting to sclerosis/
dermatological opacity, once skittish orbits demand iteration, grate
out of talent admitted into exonerative morasses/ paltry that
amazement, pale the faced down experience with something's
announcement delivered in friendly manner looking, yes leaning,
abruptly edified/ wishing for virtual movement, simply themselves in
arrears deleting a morality/ pastiches venerate empirical notions
headless in remission for bartered attendance

162] a token of seriousness with acronym posed for whose experience
demesnes advance intended as shiftless paradises from the headless
loss. windows out of throats damaged faces altered in dimensional
gunshy reticules always adding a number here and there bargaining with
accidence. dirigibles have orangutans for rhizomes, precise in klister

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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