ice 031

163] in the shipwreck of seating plans, a dearth of backlighting
anoints the starting as partaken silos prettify saline assignation.
out the light often sundown canned laughter pardoned forces to
vendettas lightened as premonitory agglutination, the message blasted
out waste. normal travail irradiates monday through friday, this
announcer defends a fundamental repartee with selected vertigos under
the rulership's adventure. itself attending mazes offhand talkers
lineated moonsong. back walking into selected properties wide of
stronger fingers later than reduced dunked in fantasy. adduce formal
trials operative mesmerization clews in the majority then with before
suzerainty rejoiced front to back. skittish of parameter replete
swirling tassels omit examination of pure limitation when advice
removes fleece.

164] some blondish noise, rebuffed miserably tall and clinging, wet
illbience tamed retainer's garden variety swizzle stick. a deep notion
wires out of class, light and lore to bleed wide hats on formless
energy. seeking whose precision woven revelations accelerate things
vainly talking through a parasol invective clarifies without
predicament. some smoother relatedness of happening while ads on
teevee relax sunny day smiles preoccupied glandular overlays.
processing a grammar of tiles for the family business, one time solar
panels with dipolar gardens amrita holds underdressed for thick
occasion's blueness, free and steeped in cages from whose predicament
is force not addressed. arranged as such, itself begs the shame for
amounts of duress outrageous lineations survive eventuality zeroed in
sugary hadnots having serenity gleaned out of whose proctored
forgetfulness. and, for that, one tone twice in a wiped down event
line, someone begins with beginning leader beginning follower in
doldrums, the tone of address moving against wind in trees lined out
of password lotions notarized. as if one came to in agonizing
circumstances with no happened revelation versifying clamorous natures
in jazzmen's back room.

165] a night erases terms told under unerring retail manipulations +
whose elemental grimace gustatory precisions deniers of faded grinds
lyrically perhaps aware themselves after a while + for whose happiness
nictated valorization amounts to a care in sling + when siphoned, the
rules choke a range of existence's minutiae + it is taken as such
witness holding outward exponent's clinging steroidal torrent of usury
invented with a kiss and a cleansing + then another's willowed form,
then somnolence whitened arrangements denser tactilities generating
samples weird of narrative tactile notion westcoat voiceovers
notwithstanding + whose revolution heard of glass breaking the
speakerphone outside on another level to slower recursivity not held
uninfected closed through cluster phobia slothful anointing + wide of
nature suppertime annual tones sorry to blister out of limitation,
going fetal inept starting somewhat stalled in mood, slavish to heard
naught invoked silently

166] as deranged + as the emotion internationally cupped in nature +
one's so called achievement immanent for not a once to begin winning
soothed voices + night hastens things' redress per the information
stolen as parameters develop + intention grasps out of guile and
abruptness, a mass of charisma proffered regularly + what liked those
likes these + is it liking? is liking the notion offered in gender
abutment? + seeds of tampered action heap down theoretical nuance +
what is satiation with energy in nauseous asterisks of spacetime +
with a learning intended for numerous admissions duplicitous and
memorized + earlier one thought of psychic arrangements, now one time
supper vertigo endures whose previsionary annoyance deigns aspects +
thrushes have decoded their practicum, now in artful revelation, they
study a pardoned munition, now tensile of as for a moment laddered
intolerably as wills it out of the next shapeless engagement with
treacle thick for an afternoon of experience's flicker box

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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