ice 032

167] someone's young tagsale target mallets of clearheaded reversion
solidly wins the remission + one thinks of ratcheted up gleaning + one
thinks often so far as one cards outrageous nourishment advances its
regalia dearly + organization curves out of shaken price warts + deep
ice, the scalpel reverting oil of lesson + testament testing teal
green argumentation in action provided + someone's lost refurbished
nature + grass uteruses lineate vertiginous motions wide of happiness
having its cleat + ample art deco piercing denies pallor from a
guaranteed skimmer flood + when as nevertheless onsets depend on
covered bridges' nuance, one prays essentially kissed + prime to
bearing out of silos, soothing the appended monist in meaning + the
second click is more than the first clique, a clinic for curios + one
thinks of things are podium's expression in overrun seeing the
arrondisement without oiling a camera or serving a blotted umbilical
cord + closely watched + erased clones of emergent largesse take
suggestions forming a six and a half minute reflection of trickles in
the streamlined air flood trapped in its seeming to be of itself
unconcerned without + a fallacy one knows in experience and a scam for
temper if gestated bartered or misused + that is reified in gathering
opacity + someone says "there relates no peace in philosophy" +
someone says "objects seem small" + another ekes out a subsistence
living donating mailgrams to a blotted paper wallet + those who inform
a cluster of magicians for the permanence of demands, lights have no
element + ultimately the cards were not dealt at any time, that is the
misery and the mystery

[ E N D ]

001] likely to now indelible and remiss from the accretion of dilemma
and cruelty. one's pretend mindset is

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