Jeni Olin

The Para-Olympic Legacy

Sometimes I look at people & think Jesus what happened here.
Race turns to me & speaks its rage & I
Am dark with it. Like the troubled teen life
Of Farrah Fawcett or an orphanage saved
By a bikini car wash or Tony
pissing in the elevator, my Affair to Remember.
The original Thomas Crown Affair was much better
Than the mascara-streaked Russo pummeling Pierce
Brosnan's impervious chest.
The Heart's Filthy Lesson we call it.
An Infinity begins and backfires --
A stately bang against the universe
Crude and seminal like the Special Olympics
Or the heroine's false sense of invincibility -- I just
Want to grab her by her anorexic shoulders & moan
 I know, I know, but Snow White she seems so easy
One kiss & she really "came to life." Slut.
I guess I was expecting rain, suspecting
Tony when he was being so good.