Marianne Shaneen

The Peekaboo Theory

a soldier returns home from combat.
in his mail, a letter he had written from the front to his
imagined 'loved one' at home.
he reads this letter that he wrote and responds to it, as if
he were the loved one that he had written to.
he mails it to himself at his name and address, and receives
and responds to it in turn, as if he were writing back to
the beloved who had written to him.
he plans a trip in order to mail this letter to himself from
a post office in another part of the country, so that he
might come home to receive a letter from a loved one far
away, to read what he himself had written as if someone else
had written to him and to respond, to go away again to mail
it to himself to return home to receive another letter
postmarked from another distant place, and so on.

In deciding where to mail the letter from, the man delves
into the history of post offices that rapidly sprung up in
California during the gold rush, finding that many of them
that are referred to in old history books actually never

phantom post offices

He drives 3000 miles wanting to mail the letter from the
'Lover's Leap Post Office', established Oct. 30, 1919, named
after a Native American girl who plunged from its adjacent
cliff out of unrequited love. but when he gets to California
he's unable to locate it--there is no record or address of
such a post office in the official archives:

ghost post