Marianne Shaneen

The Peekaboo Theory

this extended writing game

each letter dangles at the end of a string extending from a
cast it away--it disappears
pull it back--it returns

crisscrossing letters: I write a response to your last
letter at the moment you drop a letter to me in a corner
mailbox; confined in a pages' peripheries, love's language
wants to scrawl in three dimensions, letter rewriting itself
according to where you are as you're reading it, to
spatially express the continuously shifting emotional
dynamic between the letter its writer its reader; a letter
which as it is read secretes silken lineaments--you are
writing in bed then you move to the table while I am at
window reading the previous letter you wrote you move from
table to couch I leave my apartment to go to the deli as
I pay for my coffee with your letter in my bag you put your
letter sealed and addressed in your bag and go to the movies

lines cross and recross forming string figures, twining an
invisible architectural anatomy, an ever-changing
cartography, revealing our internal geography

traversing the gap between our two-dimensional words and the
three dimensions of our lives that those words try to

Helen Keller learning geometry: unable to see figures drawn
on the blackboard, she constructed them on a cushion with
straight and curved wires