Marianne Shaneen

The Peekaboo Theory

The man corresponding with himself (having finally mailed
the letter from Las Vegas) returns home from California to
the jackpot in his mailbox.

meanwhile, on his long drive from CA he develops an intense
suspicion of his mailman and decides to use carrier pigeons
for his 'correspondence'

his neighbors say that since returning from war he's been
behaving strangely; knocking on their doors at odd hours,
talking excitedly about the internal compassing abilities of
homing pigeons and that cells containing magnetite, or
lodestone, are found in migratory birds and even in trace
amounts in humans.

another says he started spending inordinate amounts of time
on his rooftop, and several times witnessed him flapping his
arms like a bird. she says that he'd erected a mass of wire
and radio equipment on the roof, and that he told her that
with it he was trying to predict the occurrence of magnetic
storms, in which flocks of homing birds have been known to
become irretrievably lost:

he was hoping to capture a flock for himself