Pieces of a Sequence
Chris Stroffolino


Listen, my tears can make the most invisible
Revolutions a slightly visible reform candidate
&  I feel like I'm running from the dead into the living
(even though I know I can't run from the dead
without running from the living --)

You see, love does not call me to things of this world,
Nor should it, unless it also calls me away from them.
Pollution kinda beckons, "can I have my problems back?"
& I suppose the leper could be an ally
(if the key is the moon and the knapsack the dream)

But now that I've saved enough to find more time
To build a me that can find more time for you,
I neglect the duties with which I clung
And it's not deviant, not revenge,
But a reaction against reaction in a lavalamp
That dreams to sip refrigerated water
From the tap of underground tunnels
Where bodies seem to meet
Without the government detailing mind.

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