The Purest Heart in the Whole Wide West 


Dennis on any Wednesday is like a sad novel about Rome
So how can I do a less faithful and beautiful interview
And I can't help thinking about the little flowers the prairie
Flowers ugh brought to a variation of a cinematography that I knew
Was going perhaps it's because I'm not circumcised I just don't know
How dependable the rest of you is going to be during whatever im-
Possibility there is to say anything about the structure and technique
of rubber? How can that even be despicable? That following the necessity
Of being adamant and get the socks out of the sink. So death comes
In many forms, does it? That's as woefully chocolate as the triumph
Of Cassius Clay: I want you to eat those pretty words! Lead pellets
In China? A Venetian princess might as well point to the illuminating
Spirituality that no one can play in dramatic terms and be marvelous
Bouncy and blunt. But this is an actual production which gives us
A sense of our own dignity rather than God's.