If only I could have scrambled half way up your cowardice
Anyway I'm beginning to sound like someone who doesn't have any himself
I'm a shy water-buffalo type that's as conventional as a warm
Account of a titled military establishment and inspired as
"I'm of the Mrs. Murphy School" senator dropped out of the "University
Of Texas Festival" and at least democratically as infectious
As a spokesman for Modess because it is not really necessary any more
To find out anything, baby, and if this is chemical support there
Better be a little more water, and don't shrug! But where is
Little Dennis, little Dennis all farty and pure? But Dennis
Isn't even forgotten! There is a way of forgetting that only
The Orient knows, poor Dennis! Who else was hung as quickly?
And as interestingly? The lights are out, so how can the leaves
Practice what Venice and China taught us? Poor Dennis! With his
Arms outstretched in a promising woodcut by a stranded Cuban
Lumberjack. It is so unsatisfying to be socked and then crucified.

Frank O'Hara & Tony Towle  2/26/64