Radical Ballerina

She said goodbye but hasn't ascertained
if the sound came from her own mouth
With enough breathmints I can weather any drive
but once I eat enough to eat through the gums
how many addtl Certs will cover the taste
of my own nerves?      Is it more effective to fill
the mouth to capacity & chew with rapid grating jerks
or to wake up every five minutes & insert another sequentially
I believe I can taste my own tongue & it does not have
the metallic tang you would associate with swelling
Is this an effective drink from the river of forgetfulness
or should I use Tic-Tacs?       I retain the important things
That's floss strung in my teeth for reuse      I store toiletries
in lubricated pouches in my stomach & retrieve them
when needed       My breath is not bad or "fishy"
in the traditional sense        It could however be described
metaphorically as an unwise place to eat whatever fish
you just caught        My breath is foreboding   It's troubling
Like watching a person who looks just like you driving
dangerously fast the other way        While you ascertain
whether that sound is coming from inside the car or your mouth

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