Dairy Duo

Now's the time to write great poems
but all I have are sweet & gravel
dreams of walks to Brooklyn with
tendonitis & impossible expectations
The difference between big dreams for us
& the weird dream I had last night

Who want to hear either?        You've got
water damage of your own & mosquitoes
to keep you up        We both know
the music of twenty years ago was okay
but every romantic notion of every jaded
jackass we know rides on it        You've got
I'll tumble I'll tumble for ya     There
That should please the crowd inside you

DJ Spooky will be Cousin Brucie someday
but today it's bad legs & other subtle gifts
less in the sense of a present as in a talents
I have a talent for having people offer me
half of their sandwich or just a hard time

Today's special skill:  accumulating reminders
to back off   Even the fridge coughs up
cottage cheese in the milk you bought
for your coffee a long time ago     The french
press & everything else into the shopping bag
this morning      I'll keep the old milk & the dot
& the key mixes to play when there's something in my eye

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