Fresh out of Body

Out of water       The last drop
Every so I'm happy for you is one less for me  so please
  the doors in restless bad parts                        can the how terrific
of town        ixnay on analogies &                   how much the sex is Lock
the secret flowering of language
The secret terror of flashcards      What tired means       What stress
  Gum in the clock       Wanton soup                     Ambivalence
in the pun in the clock       Sigh                               never more solid
This is a sigh       A printed sigh                                 than in the runup
A big container of soup sighs                                     to walk out
Melancholy tub   The vague
pangs of caught food between
teeth       Possibility fingerprints will grow
  Seawater into the air                       an inch deep
      from rust beds                                 when you lose
    Hows yrs       yr ex life going       yr touch

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